The service valve

The service valve

Optionally, the product can be equipped with a unique service valve which allows you to adjust the amount of the granules in the cushion.

The valve makes it easier to increase or decrease the amount of the granules in the product depending on the individual needs.

It is recommended to us the GRANULES for proper use of the valve.


1. Let the air out of the cushion with the use of the pump.

2. Carefully unscrew the valve cap.
NOTE! After unscrewing the valve, do not move the cushion or put any pressure on it as it may result in the granules spilling out.

3. Remove the cap.
Carefully remove the cap securing the funnel of the granules bag so that the content does not spill.

4. Fill with granules.
Tightly insert the funnel of the bag into the hole in the cushion to a depth of about 1 cm and gently pour the granules to the desired amount by pulling the bag up. In order to decrease the amount of the granules in the cushion, insert the funnel into the cushion, turn the cushion down and carefully spill the granules out until the desired amount.

5. Carefully close the valve cap.



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