Cover with thermo-active foam VISmemo™ – PV

Cover with thermo-active foam VISmemo™ – PV

Cover with thermo-active foam VisMemoCover with thermo-active foam VisMemo

There is a possibility to order cover which is equipped with thermo-active foam that works according to two steps:

  1. it adjusts to pressure which is put on patient’s body. It is first, introductory level of adjustment. It is also first and last level for normal foam.
  2. it is not immediate because it is spread over time. Moreover, cover softens due to patient’s body heat. This effect is not the same within whole surface when body has contact with device. For this reason, foam softens in the hottest places, these “red points”, where body pressure on device is still too firm. This reaction between cover and thermo-elastic foam makes it possible to distribute pressure points.


In order to minimize the risk of bedsores, we recommend using a cotton cover along with each BodyMap® cushion if the permanentduration of use is longer than 2 hours. For people using BodyMap® cushions permanently for more than 2 hours it is recommended to use it along with thermo elastic VISmemo™ cover. Caution should be taken in subjects to people with known bedsores – prone. In such a case it is strictly recommended to you use BodyMap® cushion with a cotton cover and Aerating-massaging pad for people who use BodyMap® cushions non-stop longer than 2 hours!

This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the user manual or the label.