BodyMap System

Flexible polyester fabric

Polystyrene pellets

Vacuum valve

BodyMap® System

BodyMap® System refers to first class medical products which are designed for adults as well as children with cerebral palsy. All these products provide perfect stabilization during seating or lying position. What is more, it is a perfect choice for the disabled due to the fact that it prevents bed sores and muscle stiffness.

BodyMap® System uses vacuum method. This method refers to pillows and mattresses which are filled with polystyrene granules thanks to which products can model according to patient’s body. Polystyrene granules move freely inside the device thanks to which it is possible to model the cushion. The cushion perfectly models according to patient’s body when patient either sits or leans on the cushion. The shape of cushion doesn’t change easily because of the fact that the air is sucked out of the cushion.

Our system is designed with the intention of maintaining correct sitting. Cushions, backrests and pads make it possible to have correct support for trunk, hips, head and upper as well as lower limbs.

BodyMap® System is perfect for patients with cerebral palsy, scoliosis or hump. The product is shaped according to patient’s body shape thanks to which unit pressure is diminished. It has a significant influence on bed sores prophylaxis. In addition, it is possible to determine the level of product’s hardness with the aid of vacuum method.

BodyMap® products are made of soft, elastic neoprene foam and they perfectly adjust to patient’s body. The use of neoprene foam has a significant influence on durability of the product. Moreover, it is not easy to destroy or burst cushion accidentally.

On individual request, there is an option to equip the cushion with:

  • self-adhesive fabric which makes it possible to attach the cushion to the bedding and use additional tapes, braces and supports.
  • a service valve which allows you to adjust the proper amount of the granules in the cushion

There is a possibility to order cover which is equipped with thermo-active foam that works according to two steps:

  1.  it adjusts to pressure which is put on patient’s body. It is first, introductory level of adjustment. It is also first and last level for normal foam.
  2.  it is not immediate because it is spread over time. Moreover, cover softens due to patient’s body heat. This effect is not the same within whole surface when body has contact with device. For this reason, foam softens in the hottest places, these “red points”, where body pressure on device is still too firm. This reaction between cover and thermo-elastic foam makes it possible to distribute pressure points.

Each product is equipped with vacuum pump, depending on product size.

Small hand vacuum pump

Small hand vacuum pump BM_001

Large hand pump

Large hand pump BM_002

Because of unique manufacturing process, the shape of our cushions remains the same for few weeks. This characteristics is advantageous because there is no need to pump the air down every few days.

Designation of BodyMap® products

Designation of BodyMap products



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