Aerating-massaging pad – PMN

Aerating-massaging pad – PMN

Aerating-massaging padAerating-massaging padAerating-massaging padAerating-massaging pad

Aerating-massaging pad was created for bed sore prevention for patients that use BodyMap® products for a long time. This pad is used mostly in system’s seats. Pad can be used only with terry cover if patient is sensitive to abrasion. Aerating-massaging pad makes it possible to lighten as well as ventilate sciatic region. Additionally, when the patient performs movement, his skin is massaged which is really beneficial due to the fact that it improves blood circulation and prevents bedsore development.


Pad is matched to the shape and size of the BodyMap® cushion.

In order to minimize the risk of bedsores, we recommend using a cotton cover along with each BodyMap® cushion if the permanent duration of use is longer than 2 hours. For people using BodyMap® cushions permanently for more than 2 hours it is recommended to use it along with thermo elastic VISmemo™ cover. Caution should be taken in subjects to people with known bedsores-prone. In such a case it is strictly recommended to you use BodyMap® cushion with aeration-massaging pad for people who use BodyMap® cushions non-stop longer than 2 hours!