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A lap tray is a multifunctional and portable tray. A special bag filled with granules makes it possible to stably place it on  your knees or on other uneven surfaces. Perfect for home or school, during therapy activities, everyday activities and recreation activities. An ergonomic top made of a non-slip material has a special edge which prevents objects from slipping from the tray. There is a bag filled with granules attached to the bottom with Velcro. The bag has a special pocket which allows you to adjust the amount of the granules. The tray can be used with BodyMap® R/R+. The tray is available in five sizes.

Size table

tabela stolik granulat

Size A B
1 44 cm / 17,3 in 30,6 cm / 12 in
2 49,7 cm / 19,6 in 34,8 cm / 13,7 in
3 54 cm / 21,6 in 36,2 cm / 14.2 in
4 60 cm / 23,6 in 40,2 cm / 15.8 in
5 64 cm / 25,2 in 44,1 cm / 17,4 in