Toy holder

Toy holder

A sensational, free-standing toy holder is ideal for both babies and older children. It is an irreplaceable help during the therapy and recreation.

The set includes a stable base with eight colorful plastic rings for hanging toys. We can easily adjust the height of the base so that it can be used in various positions – lying, half-sitting, sitting and standing position – depending on the age and functional capabilities of the child.

We can use the colorful rings to hang any toys on the base. The toys perfectly stimulate the perception and development of the child’s senses. Apart from that, they are a great help while working on manual and motor skills, including stimulating eye-hand coordination. Depending on the methods of conducting the therapy, we can also use multimedia toys. The holder fits all sizes of the BodyMap® R cushion.

While using the holder together with the favorite toys, the child will be able to:

  • practice manual and motor skills,
  • practice concentration,
  • stimulate the development of the senses by experiencing new stimuli using various colors, shapes, sounds and textures of toys,
  • play.

The toy holder has been made of safe and durable materials so that it can be used for a long time.

BodyMap® R cushion and toys are not included.



A – Width,  A1 – Width,  B – Length, C – Height,  C1 – Height


Dimensions [cm]
A A1 B C C1
1 76 70 100 80 – 113 75 – 108