4 points safety vest – K4

4 points safety vest – K4

4-point vest4-point vest

4 POINTS SAFETY VEST – is a vest stabilizing the trunk. It has a wide adjustment range, which makes it easier to fit it to the user. The vest is made of an easily washable fabric. Thanks to the use of fastening straps it can be used together with BodyMap® cushions in order to prevent the patient from slipping out and also to stabilize the patient.


SYMBOL A B C D E How to measure
K4/1 23 cm 23 cm 13 cm 30 cm 2,5 cm How to measure
K4/2 26 cm 26 cm 15 cm 33 cm 3 cm
K4/3 28 cm 28 cm 15 cm 38 cm 3 cm


This is a medical device. Use it in accordance with the user manual or the label.