Sitting positioning cushion with thigh abductor wedge and lateral supports BodyMap A+

Sitting positioning cushion with thigh abductor wedge and lateral supports BodyMap A+

BodyMap A+BodyMap A+BodyMap A+BodyMap A+BodyMap A+

Our cushion keeps good posture of patient while sitting. Special abductor wedge reduces contractures of adductors and maintains the legs in the required position. Anatomic shape and lateral supports of BodyMap A+ cushion prevent against the anterior pelvic tilt what provides comfort for bony prominences such as coccyx and sitting bones. This solution reduces the risk of bedsores.bm7

Our BodyMap A+ cushion is the great product for people with neurological conditions and as an orthopaedic prophylaxis after e.g. hip replacement.

There is a possibility to order custom made product.

Utility holesUtility holes

NOTE! In each of the cushions, there is a possibility to make utility holes of any shape and size. The holes allow eg. installation of stabilizing belts, vests, etc.


  • Bedsores
  • contracture of the adductor muscles of the hip
  • neurogenic disease with increased muscle tension within the pelvis
  • hip replacement

Key features

  • Shaped form last for a long time
  • Easy to individual shape modeling
  • Use in wheelchair, positioning chair, chair or in the car
  • Optional cover made of thermo active foam
  • Self adhesive function
  • Waterproof

BodyMap products are made of soft, elastic neoprene, which perfectly adapts to the patient’s body. With such precise mapping the contact area of the body with the cushion surface is increased, thereby reducing pressure. This has a very significant impact in the prevention of bedsore. Thanks to the vacuum technology it is possible to gradually adjust the level of hardness of the product. For patients particularly susceptible to pressure sores, we recommend the use of BodyMap cushions with Aerating-massaging pads.

Dual-function pump
With dual-function pump it is possible to adjust the hardness of the cushion to the individual needs of the patient. They allow precise pumping out of the air in order to achieve the desired hardness. Electric and manual pumps are available.


Vacuum pumpVacuum pump
Handy, small vacuum pump, ideal for small and medium-sized cushions.

Repair kitRepair kit
For each cushion is added repair kit, which features a tube of neoprene glue, a set of patches and instruction manual.

Self-gripping surfaceSelf-gripping surface
Cushions ath the bottom have the self-gripping Velcro surface. We can attach a variety of Velcro tapes to the cushion. This allows you to stabilize the patient in cushion or mount it anywhere, eg. in a stroller, seat or in the car.

Valve with chainValve with chain
The pump valve is small and easy to lose. With the chain you’ll never have to search for it.

Suggested accessories



Aerating-massaging pad

Aerating-massaging pad

Terry cover

Cotton cover

Vismemo cover

Vismemo cover

Electric pump

Electric pump

Pelvic-femoral belt

Pelvic-femoral belt

Stabilizing tape with clamps

Stabilizing tape with clamps



Sposób dokonywania pomiaru

A – Cushion width, A1 – Seat width between pellottes, B – Cushion depth, C – Height of pelottes, T – Cushion thickness

Size Dimensions [cm] AVAILABLE COLORS Suggested accessories – Catalog Number
A A1 B C T Cotton


3D Mesh

Aerating-massaging pad
1 38 30 24 6 5  kolorito PF/BM-A+/1 PV/BM-A+/1 PEL/BM-A+/1 P3D/BM-A+/1 PMN/BM-A+/1
2 40 30 37 7 5  kolorito PF/BM-A+/2 PV/BM-A+/2 PEL/BM-A+/2 P3D/BM-A+/2 PMN/BM-A+/2
3 40 31 39 8 5  kolorito PF/BM-A+/3 PV/BM-A+/3 PEL/BM-A+/3 P3D/BM-A+/3 PMN/BM-A+/3
4 45 36 42 8 5  kolorito PF/BM-A+/4 PV/BM-A+/4 PEL/BM-A+/4 P3D/BM-A+/4 PMN/BM-A+/4
5 54 43 45 10 5 kolorito-czorny PF/BM-A+/5 PV/BM-A+/5 PEL/BM-A+/5 P3D/BM-A+/5 PMN/BM-A+/5

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