Frame for BodyMap system – Backrest for adults

Frame for BodyMap system – Backrest for adults

Backrest for adultsBackrest for adultsBackrest for adults

Backrest for adults – it is light as well as handy frame that is created for stabilization. It is used together with BodyMap system. Backrest is perfect for daily activities especially it is recommended during feeding the patients who are bedridden.  The product is equipped with Velcro tapes thanks to which it is easy to fasten any BodyMap cushion on it. It is highly beneficial to fasten BodyMap cushion because it gives support and stabilization for trunk, hips, head or limbs (it depends which kind of cushion is chosen). Furthermore, it is also possible to use support as a single product, without any cushions.

As far as its advantages are concerned, it is solid and, moreover, it has a wide range of adjustment for tilt angle and the height of backrest. Caregiver can easily adjust frame to patient so as to make him/her feel comfortable. Upholstery is made of washable material. Moreover, the product is equipped with wide trunk belt that not only stabilizes the patient but also secures him/her in the frame.

It is recommended to use these BodyMap cushions together with backrest:

Size table

Item A B C D E How to measure
OBM 53 cm 68-83 cm 15 cm 65 cm 25-80° How to measure