Fasteners with rectangular grommet

Fasteners with rectangular grommet

Fasteners with rectangular grommetFasteners with rectangular grommet

Fasteners  with rectangular grommet – this part is equipped with Velcro tapes as well as rectangular grommet. It can be fastened to any surface on Body Map cushion that is self-adhesive and, moreover, it can be used as bearing for some tapes. The use of fastener is beneficial because it makes it easier to fasten tapes on cushions and it prevents self-adhesive surface from damages that can appear when user fastens and unfastens Velcro tapes frequently.

It is possible to use parts listed below together with this product:

  • Non-elastic stabilizing belt
  • Elastic stabilizing belt
  • Non-elastic, one-sided tape
  • Elastic, one-sided tape
  • Fastening tape for headrest

Size table

SYMBOL The width of tape [cm]
SP/2,5 2,5
SP/3 3
SP/4 4
SP/5 5